For more milk per hectare.

Ground-contour following.
Raking performance. Forage quality.

Because we protect your resources and know that your time is limited and your forage quality is our number one priority too.

We make sure that your grass sward remains intact, your field is quickly cleared and your livestock are healthy and productive.

How do we manage that? Through intelligent engineering and perfectly coordinated machine components, customised to suit your needs.

So why us? Because despite our decades of experience, we never rest on our laurels – we listen to you and turn your wishes into the machine you always wanted.

Flawless ground-contour following to keep your grass sward intact.

Maximum raking performance for fast work and a clean field.

Optimal forage quality for healthy, productive livestock

"Clean forage for more milk."
Around 1% less crude ash brings an extra 0.1 MJ NEL/kg DM on average!"

The crude ash content in silage is the total amount of minerals from the crop and from soil contamination present in the forage. Along with crude protein, crude ash has a buffering effect on acidification during the ensiling process. High levels of contamination thus lead to higher energy losses and lower protein quality, thereby increasing the risk of butyric acid fermentation.

Evaluation of the 1st cut of 2020 from Baden-Württemberg shows a positive correlation between high-quality grass silage and low-contamination harvesting (see table). In addition to good crop husbandry and selecting the right time to harvest, the use of harvesting machinery and equipment with good ground-contour following thus makes a major contribution to producing high-quality silage.

First cut 2020 in Baden-Württemberg (Germany) broken down by crude ash category (n = 426)

Annette Jilg knows just how important a low crude ash content is for high feed quality.

Grassland Management and Forage Conservation section of the Baden-Württemberg Agricultural Centre for Cattle, Grassland Management, Dairy, Game and Fisheries (LAZBW) in Aulendorf.