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Combine harvester front attachments

Committed to meeting diverse harvesting requirements.

Front attachments

Combine harvester front attachments

Committed to meeting diverse harvesting requirements.

Draper cutterbars. CONVIO FLEX / CONVIO.

Designed to do more.

Draper cutterbars are used wherever low-growing and low-fruiting stalk crops or difficult conditions (laid crops, volunteers) necessitate very flat cutting.

CONVIO FLEX, with its flexible knife bar, has been developed for universal use in all threshing crops, such as grains, rapeseed, soybeans, peas, grass and many others. CONVIO (with a rigid knife bar) is particularly suited to grains and rapeseed.

Draper cutterbars for more performance.

The constant crop flow through the  12.30 m or 10.80 m wide cutterbar provides the combine harvester with an even, high-volume supply of crop material.

CONVIO cutterbars provide the operator with a variety of assistance systems which can be operated from inside the cab. These include automatic reel torque control, AUTOMATIC BELT SPEED and AUTO CONTOUR FLEX which ensure that the cutterbar is automatically adjusted to the optimal configuration.

CONVIOFLEX 1230FLEX 108012301080
Effective cutting widthmm12260107401226010740
Vertical flexibility of knife bar
Side belt depthmm1079.501079.501079.501079.50
Trough depthmm1329132913291329
Rapeseed equipment
Automated cutterbar control

○ Optional – Not available

Innovative reel for the highest throughput.

The newly developed reel with its innovatively shaped, adjustable cam track allows the reel tines to pick up the crop before it is cut, thereby keeping front attachment losses to a minimum, especially in laid crops. In short crops in particular, the tines optimise the feeding of the crop into the cutterbar

Automatic reel torque control.

Thanks to the hydraulic reel drive, the torque applied to the reel can be adjusted automatically to cope with difficult harvesting conditions, such as laid crops. An automatic height control system, which operates on the basis of the programmed pressure and sensitivity levels, prevents the tines from digging into the ground.

Perfectly equipped for bulky rapeseed.

The CONVIO family of cutterbars are also available with rapeseed equipment on request:

  • Rapeseed knives at right and / or left
  • Interface for easy fitting of the rapeseed knives
  • Hydraulic drives for the rapeseed knives
  • Rapeseed feed augers
  • Raised rear wall

Reversing function for the critical elements.

Two reversing modes are available to ensure that it is possible to respond to the specific requirements of any situation: the toggle switch on the armrest reverses the reel, centre belt, intake auger and feeder housing, the button on the multifunction control lever reverses the centre and side belts while on the move.

Intelligence for more comfort.

Optimal support for productive operators.

CONVIO cutterbars provide operators with a variety of assistance systems which can be operated from inside the cab. These include ACTIVE FLOAT, AUTOMATIC BELT SPEED and AUTO CONTOUR FLEX which make it quick and easy for operators to find the optimal cutterbar settings for the prevailing conditions.

AUTOMATIC BELT SPEED for the conveyor belts.

The AUTOMATIC BELT SPEED operator assistance system adjusts the speed of the belts to the harvesting speed continuously and completely automatically – and accommodates all crop conditions.

ACTIVE FLOAT for the knife bar.

The ACTIVE FLOAT suspension system allows the ground pressure of the knife bar to be adjusted to the field conditions from the cab while on the move.

Maximum flexibility for all ground contours.

Maximum reduction in operator workload with optimal cutting performance – CONVIO FLEX can be used in four different modes:

  1. Cereals: rigid cutterbar table
  2. Laid crops: change from rigid to flexible at the touch of a button
  3. Flex: for low-growing crops, such as soybeans, peas, grass
  4. AUTO CONTOUR FLEX: automatically delivers the lowest cutting height

AUTO CONTOUR FLEX for the lowest cut.

Automatic adjustment of the front attachment height is provided by the new AUTO CONTOUR FLEX mode. In this mode, CONVIO FLEX automatically and continuously determines if the knife bar can be lowered further in order to ensure that the lowest cutting height is achieved at all times.