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Press release

SCORPION updates include new top model

CLAAS has updated the SCORPION range to include a new top model – the 960 with 6.5 t lifting capacity. The telehandler range features a host of refinements and now complies with the Stage V emission standard.

Optimum handling performance

The new SCORPION 960 boasts optimum load handling and productivity thanks to quick cycle times. With a lifting capacity of 6.5 t and a lifting height of just under 9.0 m, it can handle the most demanding loading tasks. Another major improvement is the high-performance drive, which guarantees particularly effortless and precise manoeuvring.  The proven hydrostatic VARIPOWER PLUS transmission features wide-angle technology and three speeds, which are easy to control using the joystick. For greater safety and comfort, the electrohydraulic parking brake engages automatically when the driver leaves his seat, brings the machine to a standstill or switches off the engine.  The brake is automatically released when the driver depresses the accelerator pedal to travel in a set direction. The new SCORPION 960 is fitted with a 156 hp (115 kW) Deutz diesel engine.  DYNAMIC POWER in the SCORPION 960 controls the engine speed according to the joystick angle. SMART ROADING automatically matches the speed to the engine load when accelerating and once the top speed has been reached. The use of both assistance systems in tandem ensures a comfortable ride in all applications, saves fuel and reduces noise.

Stage V across the entire SCORPION range

The entire SCORPION range in this new model year complies with the Stage V emission standard. In all VARIPOWER models, a new load holding valve provides better fine control and faster lowering times without increasing the engine speed.
The SCORPION 960 and 1033 come with factory-fitted hydraulic height control for safe lifting of heavy loads. This ensures maximum stability even on uneven terrain and guarantees precise manoeuvring at high lift heights. The new bucket shake function on the tilt ram in the 960, 756 and 746 models makes bucket emptying even easier.