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CLAAS measurement instruments.

Everything under control.

CLAAS grain meters are the quick, reliable way to monitor the condition of your harvesting crop.

CLAAS measurement instruments.

Everything under control.

CLAAS grain meters are the quick, reliable way to monitor the condition of your harvesting crop.

For optimal storage conditions.

In the professional straw trade and when baling hay and silage, moisture content is a critical factor. Whether it is a matter of establishing the quality of feed or optimising storage conditions, a precise measurement of the moisture content provides the necessary basis.

Often, the actual moisture content of a bale at the time of loading is the decisive factor, in the straw trade, for example. This can only be determined by using a measuring probe at the moment of loading, the result often also being used as the basis for billing.

The CLAAS moisture meter for hay, silage and straw bales has a probe equipped with a pressure sensor. When inserted into the bale, it automatically determines the bale density. This value is factored into the capacitive measurement, so that the result is calculated in accordance with the density of the bale. The need for manual - and often inaccurate - entry of the bale density as a correction factor is therefore eliminated and the measured values are reliable.

How you benefit:

  • High-frequency capacitive moisture measurement technology
  • For hay or straw bales, separate mode for silage
  • Precise measurements in a moisture content range of 8 - 72%
  • Solid stainless-steel probe and tip
  • Continuous display as probe is inserted into the bale
  • Automatic density compensation: measurement of the insertion pressure determines whether the bale has a high or low density and adjusts the moisture measurement accordingly in order to increase the accuracy.
  • The rubber-coated handle of the meter makes for easier insertion and removal
  • Memory capacity for up to 64 bales with a total of 1000 storable moisture and temperature values
  • USB port for software updates and downloading the stored measurements
  • Offset calibration
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Automatic power-off
  • Comprises: meter, 9V battery, detailed operating instructions

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