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ELIOS 240-210

A perfect fit, anywhere.

Sometimes you just need to be built right. For work in confined spaces or on steep slopes, a tractor with the right format is essential. With its low centre of gravity and low overall height, the ELIOS can reach places that are inaccessible to conventional tractors. Front loaders, electronic spool valves and a front PTO expand its range of potential applications. Compact and manoeuvrable wherever you need it: the ELIOS.

ELIOS 240-210

A perfect fit, anywhere.

Sometimes you just need to be built right. For work in confined spaces or on steep slopes, a tractor with the right format is essential. With its low centre of gravity and low overall height, the ELIOS can reach places that are inaccessible to conventional tractors. Front loaders, electronic spool valves and a front PTO expand its range of potential applications. Compact and manoeuvrable wherever you need it: the ELIOS.

Engine and drive train.


The engine. Constant output – low fuel consumption.

Strong at heart.

Under the bonnet, all models have FPT engines with 3.4 l cubic capacity and state-of-the-art fuel-saving technology:

  • Viscous fan
  • 1,600 bar high-pressure common rail injection
  • Turbocharger
  • Intercooler
  • Complies with emissions standard Stage IIIB (Tier 4i) thanks to a diesel particulate filter, DOC catalytic converter and external, cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR)

The cubic capacity is now 3.4 l which guarantees low fuel consumption. When combined with a well-balanced 4-cylinder engine, this ensures that the tractor runs very smoothly with low noise levels and a long service life. Despite its compact format, the ELIOS with viscous fan and the latest injection and emission control technology is well equipped for efficient operation. The ELIOS comes with an engine air pre-warmer as standard. An electric cold-start unit which starts the engine gently and reliably at temperatures down to –30°C is also available as an option.


Thanks to electronic common rail injection, an engine speed memory comes as standard. A second memory is available as an option.

Maximum output (hp) ECE R 120Maximum torque (Nm) ECE R 120
ELIOS 24010314061
ELIOS 23092366
ELIOS 22085334
ELIOS 21076309

1 Maximum values with CPM (11 hp boost)


Constant output.

The CLAAS-specific engine performance curve provides full torque in a wide engine speed range, guaranteeing constant output and power delivery when they are needed. This makes it easy to save fuel while working at a low engine speed and maximum torque with the ECO PTO, or to work at rated speed with a full reserve. The high efficiency level eliminates the need for frequent gear changes.

The ELIOS 240. More power.

Thanks to CPM (CLAAS POWER MANAGEMENT) the ELIOS 240 delivers a boost of up to 11 hp during PTO work and transport work from 13 km/h. It is therefore ideal for hauling bigger trailers and for use with wider forage harvesting machinery. Despite its very compact format, the ELIOS 240 has a highly impressive maximum output of 103 hp. As a result, the ELIOS has an excellent power-to-weight ratio of 33.8 kg/hp, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Outstanding pollutant reduction.

The introduction of the Stage IIIB (Tier 4i) emissions regulations is the most important step to date in the control of pollutant emissions in the compact class. These regulations require a 90% reduction in particulate matter (PM) as well as a 50% cut in nitrogen oxide (NOx) content.


Clean and efficient.

In EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) technology, a proportion of the engine exhaust gas is mixed with fresh air drawn in separately, reducing the speed of engine combustion and the temperatures generated. This technology largely eliminates the accumulation of nitrogen oxides. However, soot thresholds can only be met with the aid of a particulate filter (DPF). EGR technology does not require a second tank or additional resources.

When developing the ELIOS tractors, CLAAS factored in all the components that would be necessary to meet the Stage IIIB (Tier 4i) exhaust emissions level. As a result, access to the tractor and visibility from the cab are not compromised in any way. The combined DPF / DOC catalytic converter is safely housed under the bonnet.

  1. Intercooler
  2. Air filter
  3. EGR cooler
  4. Engine
  5. Turbocharger
  6. DOC / DPF


Transmissions. The choice is yours.

Four transmission options.

With four available transmission variants, the ELIOS always offers the perfect solution for your needs.

  • 12 F / 12 R with mechanical reverser
  • 24 F / 24 R with mechanical reverser and splitter
  • 24 F / 24 R with mechanical reverser and TWINSHIFT two-stage powershift
  • 24 F / 12 R with REVERSHIFT clutchless reverser and TWINSHIFT two-stage powershift 1

Four-wheel drive is push-button-activated. To eliminate unnecessary tyre wear, four-wheel drive is automatically engaged or disengaged at 14 km/h.

1 Only transmission available with the ELIOS 240


The 24 gears deliver the ideal speed for all types of operation. Specialist applications are tackled to perfection as the ELIOS has a minimum ground speed of 500 m/h at rated engine speed. The TWINSHIFT powershift transmission can be activated with ease via a push button on the gear knob. All the ELIOS transmissions have been developed to ensure low power losses.


Thanks to the REVERSHIFT clutchless reverser you can almost forget the clutch pedal: the clutch button on the shift lever offers numerous advantages, especially during transport work. REVERSHIFT also enables you to change direction quickly and smoothly – particularly important when working with a front loader.


or the easy-to-use TWINSHIFT two-stage powershift which is operated from the gear-shift lever.


The 24-gear transmission can optionally be fitted with a mechanical splitter on the right next to the steering wheel


The reverser for mechanical reversing and the electronic REVERSHIFT are handily positioned to the left of the steering wheel.


to the left of the steering wheel.


Design. CLAAS tractor concept: Compact, stable and manoeuvrable.

A long wheelbase combined with optimum weight distribution and a compact overall length guarantee superb flexibility and performance.


Long wheelbase and excellent weight distribution:

  • High driving comfort
  • Good and safe road handling
  • Low centre of gravity, perfect when working on slopes
  • Higher lifting capacity thanks to improved stability
  • High tractive power and performance due to low ballast requirement
  • Light on the soil and dynamic road transport thanks to an excellent power-to-weight ratio
  • Optimises fuel consumption

Short overall length:

  • Good manoeuvrability
  • Good visibility
  • Good guidance of front-mounted implements
  • Compact and manoeuvrable thanks to a minimum turning radius of just 3.47 m with four-wheel drive
  • Minimum external width from 1.65 m
  1. Platform, from 2.67 m to 1.92 m1
  2. Cab without glass roof, from 2.43 m
  3. Cab with glass roof, from 2.54 m

1 With roll bar retracted

Smart ideas throughout.

Optimum weight distribution for everyday jobs using front loaders and heavy front and rear attachments, such as wood chippers or verge mowers, ensures safe handling on the road and in the field.

Even in difficult terrain, such as when operating on slopes, a low centre of gravity gives the ELIOS excellent stability. Together with balanced weight distribution, this ensures exceptional safety and efficiency during everyday tasks. With appropriate tyres, the ELIOS boasts an overall width of just 1.65 m, enabling it to be driven between widely spaced vineyard rows without any problems. Sufficient ground clearance is yet another requirement for machines working in the field, whether for driving over swaths during haymaking or when negotiating beds or ridges in vegetable cultivation – here, too, the ELIOS is a winner.


Why settle for anything else?

Whether your application is general agriculture, horticulture, equestrian, vegetable production, viticulture or municipal work, the ELIOS is designed for you. If required, the permissible gross weight of the ELIOS can be limited to 3.5 t so that it can be driven on public roads with a standard passenger car driving licence.

(Not available in all countries. Depends on local legislation.)


Safety first.

The brakes cope with the low tare weight from 3 t and maximum permissible gross weight of 5.1 t with an optimum level of safety and stability, assisted by automatic four-wheel drive engagement on braking and the hydraulically supported service brake. CLAAS provides optional factory-fitted turf tyres (sizes: 23.1-26 rear and 550/45-22.5 front) to enable the ELIOS to be driven over sensitive grass cover or wet subsoil in parks and on sports fields without damaging the precious turf – all year round.


Hydraulics to meet every need.

Great lift capacity. Great potential.

With a maximum lift capacity of 3.2 tonnes at the rear linkage’s mounting points and up to 2.8 tonnes at the front linkage, the ELIOS is well equipped to face the challenges of day-to-day operations. The rear linkage in both the cab and platform versions of the ELIOS is also available with a mechanical or electronic operating unit.

The front hydraulics and front PTO are factory-fitted for seamless integration into the tractor. When folded up, the front linkage is highly compact with a minimal overhang. The tractor rear offers a wide range of hitching options including, for example, a long ladder hitch with drawbar or a pick-up hitch.

Expand your tractor’s range of applications without compromising on manoeuvrability with the CLAAS front loader – working together in perfect harmony.


3-pump hydraulic circuit with a total flow rate of 111 l/min: 85 l/min for the spool valves and rear linkage and 26 l/min for the steering and transmission.

Hydraulic output on demand.

The ELIOS is equipped with two hydraulic pumps as standard, which together deliver a flow of 85 l/min. One hydraulic circuit supplies the steering system at 26 l/min, while a second circuit supplies the rear linkage and spool valves at 59 l/min. A third hydraulic pump configuration is optionally available for a maximum combined flow of 111 l/min, with the steering system, rear linkage and spool valves each supplied via a separate pump.

This enables overlapping actions to be performed simultaneously or device combinations with extremely high hydraulic requirements to be operated as well. Additionally, valuable fuel savings can also be achieved by operating at low engine speeds while maintaining a high hydraulic output.

In conjunction with the three-pump hydraulic circuit, the ELIOS can optionally be equipped with up to four electronic spool valves, two of which are operated via the ELECTROPILOT, and the other two via two rocker switches. The third and fourth ELECTROPILOT functions enable the unit to fully control the front loader.


You have a choice between an electronic


and a mechanical
rear linkage control system
. Both are ergonomically positioned to the right of the driver's seat.


For implement attachment, the electronic and mechanical rear linkage can be operated externally at the rear of the tractor.

The choice is yours.

Despite its compact format, the ELIOS has a surprising number of equipment options; as a result, it is well equipped to face the challenges of day-to-day work.

  • Mechanical or electronic rear linkage with maximum 3.2 t lift capacity
  • External rear linkage controls
  • Hydraulic circuit with flow rate of 59 or 85 l/min for rear linkage and spool valves
  • Up to three mechanical or four electronic spool valves
  • Optional integrated front linkage with 2.8 t lift capacity and alternative headlights
  • 1,000 or 540 ECO front PTO
  • Factory-fitted CLAAS front loader brackets
  • Wide range of hitching options such as drawbar, clevis, pickup hitch, Piton Fix and CUNA

Simple. Safe. Reliable. CLAAS Service and maintenance.

The ELIOS 200 never lets you down.

Maintenance, spare parts, service: the CLAAS team does everything it can to reduce downtime with your ELIOS to an absolute minimum. We have developed clever solutions for effective maintenance – and a well-prepared machine provides maximum operational reliability. Ensuring that your machine functions correctly and retains its value are our top priorities. Because we know that your tractor is one of the keys to success.


Ready in an instant.

Daily maintenance work should be as straightforward as possible – because we know from experience that nobody enjoys doing things that are complicated or inconvenient.

  • The one-piece bonnet opens at the press of a button, providing access to all the engine maintenance points
  • The oil can be checked and topped up on the right-hand side of the ELIOS when the bonnet is closed
  • All daily maintenance tasks can be carried out without tools

The long oil-change intervals (engine 500 h, transmission and hydraulics 1,000 h) save a great deal of time and money. This means that less valuable working time is lost during the season and the tractor is where it should be – at work.


Thanks to its one-piece bonnet, the entire engine compartment can be accessed with the flick of a catch. The air filter is directly accessible.


The radiator slides out, and the air filter can be removed in no time at all. Radiator surfaces can be cleaned quickly and easily whenever necessary


The cab air filter is easily accessible from the exterior for cleaning and ensures that the air in the cab is fresh at all times. To protect the driver when crop spraying, an active carbon filter can be installed instead of the conventional cab filter.


The coolant level can be checked at the radiator expansion tank.


The transmission and hydraulic oil level is checked at the rear using a dipstick.


The oil filters in the engine are easy to reach even with a front loader bracket.


The battery isolating switch is built into the bonnet for ease of access.


A toolbox ensures that accessories are always to hand, even when the front loader is fitted.


Refuelling the ELIOS is straightforward as the filler neck is conveniently located to the left of the cab access steps.

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