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ATOS 350-220

Engine and transmission.

The ATOS 300 model range has a 4-cylinder Farmotion engine with 3.8 l cubic capacity while the ATOS 200 range has a 3-cylinder Farmotion engine with 2.9 l cubic capacity. Incorporating cutting-edge technology, they both deliver impressive amounts of power with excellent fuel economy. Overlapping output values enable you to choose exactly the right engine to meet your needs.

ATOS 300/200

ATOS 350-220

Engine and transmission.

The ATOS 300 model range has a 4-cylinder Farmotion engine with 3.8 l cubic capacity while the ATOS 200 range has a 3-cylinder Farmotion engine with 2.9 l cubic capacity. Incorporating cutting-edge technology, they both deliver impressive amounts of power with excellent fuel economy. Overlapping output values enable you to choose exactly the right engine to meet your needs.

Engines and tramsmission.

ATOS 300/200

Strong performers.

Two engines. Six models.

The 4-cylinder engine gives the ATOS 300 a longer wheelbase for greater stability during transport operations and power reserves for heavy draught and PTO work.

The 3-cylinder engine makes the ATOS 200 lighter and more compact. Its smooth running and low fuel consumption during partial-load operation are particularly impressive.

  • Compact dimensions
  • Common rail injection (2,000 bar)
  • Wastegate turbocharger
  • Intercooler
  • Meets emission standard Stage IIIB (Tier 4i)
  • Emission control by diesel oxidation catalytic converter (DOC) and externally cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR)
  • Fixed-speed or viscous engine fan
ATOS 300/200

Cleaning up.

Stage IIIB (Tier 4i).

The ATOS complies with the Stage IIIB emissions standard. The introduction of this standard means a significant reduction in pollutant emissions.

Low emissions thanks to DOC and intelligent exhaust gas recirculation.

DOC stands for diesel oxidation catalytic converter. In the DOC environmentally harmful exhaust gas components such as hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide are oxidised, and therefore neutralised, with the residual oxygen content. The cooled external exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system has an intelligent electronic control system which also regulates particulate and nitrogen oxide emissions on the basis of the current operating status.

Fully integrated DOC.

All the components of the exhaust gas aftertreatment system are housed under the bonnet, leaving a clear view from the cab.

Clean and efficient.

The ATOS complies with the Stage IIIB (Tier 4i) emissions standard without using urea. The diesel tank is conveniently located by the cab access steps and has a maximum capacity of 130 l in all models.

ATOS 300/200

Transmission. Always in the right gear.

The transmission options.

The ATOS is available with three different transmission options, enabling you to adapt it to your individual requirements.

  • Mechanical transmission
    • Without powershift speeds
    • Four1 or five gears
    • Chose between a mechanical reverser or the REVERSHIFT electrohydraulic clutchless reverser
    • Two ranges for 10 forward and 10 reverse gears
    • Maximum speed 30 or 40 km/h

    1Four gears are available for the ATOS 200 only.

  • TWINSHIFT transmission
    • Two powershift speeds
    • Four1 or five gears
    • Chose between a mechanical reverser or the REVERSHIFT electronic clutchless reverser
    • Two ranges for 20 forward and 20 reverse gears
    • Maximum speed 40 km/h, 40 km/h ECO version also available

    1Four gears are available for the ATOS 200 only.

  • TRISHIFT transmission
    • Three powershift speeds
    • Five gears
    • Two ranges for 30 forward and 30 reverse gears
    • REVERSHIFT clutchless reverser as standard
    • Maximum speed 40 km/h ECO

ATOS 300/200

Three transmission options enable you to customise the ATOS to ensure that it meets your needs perfectly. The mechanical reverser and the electrohydraulic REVERSHIFT reverser are handily positioned to the left of the steering wheel. Two additional creep ranges are available for special applications, allowing minimum speeds from 230 m/h at nominal engine speed. The optional creep range doubles the number of gears.

ATOS 300/200


CLAAS tractor concept for greater flexibility.

The CLAAS tractor concept offers significant benefits which give you a clear competitive edge. The combination of a long wheelbase and optimum weight distribution with a compact overall length provides a high degree of versatility while maintaining distinct performance advantages.

ATOS 300/200

Long wheelbase and excellent weight distribution:

  • High driving comfort
  • Good and safe road handling
  • More pulling power and performance as less ballast is required
  • Greater stability for a higher lifting capacity
  • Optimised fuel consumption
  • Lower ballast requirement protects the soil and guarantees dynamic road transport
ATOS 300/200

Short overall length:

  • Good manoeuvrability
  • Short trailer combination on the road
  • Good visibility
  • Good guidance of front-mounted implements
  • Large choice of tyres.

    The ATOS can be fitted with rear tyres with a maximum diameter of 1.5 m and a maximum width of 540 mm. Thanks to the wide range of tyre options, the ATOS is capable of any type of work.

  • Safe braking system.

    The brakes handle the low tare weight and high permissible gross weight with ease, guaranteeing maximum safety and stability.

  • Many tyre options.

    The ATOS 340 and 230 are also available with rear-wheel drive and 30-km/h transmission. With small front wheels, both these ATOS models are extremely manoeuvrable even in the tightest of spaces.

ATOS 300/200

Keep up the pressure – the hydraulics.


The basic specification for the ATOS 300 and 200 includes a hydraulic system with an output of 55 l/min, which can satisfy any requirement. The ATOS 200 can additionally be fitted with a 60-l/min ECO version which achieves the maximum flow rate at just 1,600 rpm. This significantly reduces the noise level and fuel consumption during intensive front loader work, for example. The optional 90-l/min hydraulic system delivers high flow rates to the spool valves, making the ATOS 300 a hydraulic powerhouse.

ATOS 300/200

Colour-coded connections.

The spool valves at the rear of the ATOS (up to four) are easy to connect. The coloured markings on the inlet and outlet sides make it easier to attach implements correctly.

Hydraulic steering.

The steering has a dedicated, independent hydraulic pump. This ensures that the tractor is easy to handle, even when using implements with a high hydraulic power requirement.

ATOS 300/200

Under control.

Up to four spool valves are available in total:

  • Three mechanical spool valves
  • Additional electronic spool valve (max. 25 l/min)
ATOS 300/200

Lifts anything you like.

Up to 4.9 t lifting capacity.

The ATOS 300 features an impressive maximum lifting capacity of 4.9 t, while the ATOS 200 achieves a convincing 4.5 t. You can choose a mechanical or an electronic rear linkage control system.

The rear linkage equipment meets every requirement:

  • Hooks or ball ends can be ordered (cat. II)
  • Two powerful additional rams increase the lifting capacity
  • Manual or automatic lower link stabilisers
  • External controls for mechanical or electronic rear linkage

The PTO speeds.

Three PTO options are available with the ATOS – so you're bound to find the right one for you:

  • 540 rpm
  • 540/540 ECO rpm
  • 540/540 ECO/1,000/1,000 ECO rpm
  • Ground speed PTO available for all configurations

The ECO PTO reaches the required speed at a lower engine speed. This reduces fuel consumption and noise levels.

Automatic PTO engagement/disengagement improves ease of operation when working with PTO-driven implements. A separate ground speed PTO for use with trailers is also available as an option.

Electronic rear linkage combined with automatic PTO engagement/disengagement simplifies work on the headland. All you have to do is control the rear linkage and the rear PTO engages and disengages automatically.

ATOS 300/200

Front linkage. Highly versatile.

Fully integrated front linkage.

A fully integrated front linkage with a lift capacity of 2.9 t is available as a factory-fitted option for the ATOS. The integrated design of this front linkage combined with a short distance between the front axle and coupling points reduces the overhang with the front ballast or front mower and improves front implement guidance. The higher ground clearance makes it easier to drive across rows of crops or higher straw swaths even with the lower links retracted.

Folding lower links.

The lower links fold in to reduce the vehicle length, giving the driver a better overview of the vehicle.

Powerful front PTO.

The front PTO runs at 1,000 rpm and opens up a wide range of potential applications.

Maintenance must be as simple as possible.

Quick maintenance.

Daily maintenance work should be as straightforward as possible – because we know from experience that nobody enjoys doing things that are complicated or inconvenient.

  • The one-piece bonnet opens at the press of a button, providing access to all the engine maintenance points
  • The oil can be checked on the right-hand side of the ATOS when the bonnet is closed
  • All daily maintenance tasks can be carried out without tools
  • The special air nozzle supplied makes light work of cleaning the tightly packed cooling units, allowing radiator surfaces to be checked and cleaned quickly whenever necessary.
ATOS 300/200

Fresh air for full power.

The large intake panels in the bonnet provide plenty of fresh air for cooling and for the engine air filter. The radiator assembly is easy to clean.

The air filter is located in an accessible position in front of the radiator panels so it can be removed easily. It is generously sized and designed for a long service life. A pre-cleaner for coarse dirt particles in the filter housing further extends the cleaning interval.

ATOS 300/200

The cab air filter is outside the cab and easily removed for maintenance.

ATOS 300/200

The toolbox by the cab access steps on the right-hand side is a standard feature.

ATOS 300/200

The fuses are centrally located in the cab.