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VARIANT 485 - 460

Drive line and bale chamber

We can be tough when it comes to straw – but we don't have to be.

VARIANT 485 - 460

Drive line and bale chamber

We can be tough when it comes to straw – but we don't have to be.

Drive line and bale chamber

VARIANT 485-460
  • Reliable drive line and high belt speed, thanks to cambered, rubber-coated rollers
  • Extremely reliable: the Heavy Duty drive concept
  • Ultra-firm bales, thanks to bale chamber with dual tensioning arm system
  • Reduced maintenance time with continuous chain lubrication
  • Perfect belt guidance gets the bale turning

High bale density, high belt speed.

The four highly durable endless baling belts and the Tsbaki chains on the VARIANT ensure high bale density. The high belt speed allows the VARIANT to turn faster than any other baler.

Heavy Duty drive concept.

The Heavy Duty drive concept provides a combination of high drive power, operating safety and long service life, no matter how hard you work your VARIANT 485 or 465. With its 8-mm rotor stars, 1¼-inch Heavy Duty long-life chains and the Heavy Duty cutterbar with double knife protection device, the VARIANT is ideal for the harshest operating conditions, for silage harvesting, for example.

The bale chamber with dual tensioning arm system.

Maximum output in the bale chamber too – the hydraulic bale density control system was designed to enable maximum bale density in all conditions. The active hydraulic system combines three hydraulic rams with a dual-tensioning arm system, and ensures actively controlled guidance and smooth movement.

VARIANT 485-460

Constant chain lubrication.

The new distribution units in the 6.30-litre lubricator supply each individual chain with exactly the amount of oil needed for long and smooth-running operation. You can save on cash, in addition to saving valuable maintenance time.

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